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Hunting and fishing collectibles - premier decoys and quality lures

not to mention original art, fork art and unique primatives.

Quality selection pottery, porcelain, china and Victorian glass;

A selection of lamps, advertising, Red Wing, toys and art pottery.

Quality selection of pottery, porcelain, china and Victorian glass;

not to mention vintage clothing, quality linens and fancy work.

Straight from a farm auction, a diverse selection on quality items.

Sit and search - post cards galor, sorted and cataloged for you.

The wild-west lives on with photos, prints, and Indian collectibles.

Primitives and vintage sporting decoys, traps and fishing collectibles.

From the country barn to you, an unusual selection of vintage tools.

From the farm with yokes, wagon parts and primative household items.

Farm toys, toy trucks and cars by Ertl, Tonka, Buddy L and

The areas largest selection of Star Wars, GI Joes and Hot Wheels.

Well LA DE DA, shabby chic and trash-to-treasure are back!

Vintage and contemporary linens and quality fancy work.

Country furniture, unusual decorative items and quality linens.

Depression and elegant glassware and unusual accent pieces.

15 illumitated showcases centrally located around the counter for prompt service.

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